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Partner with an e-commerce agency that has spent the past two decades building, scaling, (occasionally exiting), and investing in e-commerce ventures. Whether your business goal is rapid growth or reducing cost-per-acquisition, we have the experience to help you plan and execute.
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Strategic E-Commerce Consulting

We're not the type of agency that just pulls a few levers and sends you a report. We get to understand your business as an advisor - business model, market position, customers, competition. We have a consistent track record of building media programs from scratch, getting the most out of bread-and-butter channels while maximizing conversion rate via a/b testing.
Paid Media Audit
Paid Media Audit

Prior to launching any tests we check to ensure your analytics and goal tracking are functioning properly. Second, we dive into your existing data to map your funnel, understand your customer, and uncover potential quick wins.

Conversion Rate Audit
Conversion Rate Audit

If you're not testing, you're missing out on opportunities to drive new revenue and learn about your customers. The company that tests the fastest, wins.

SEO Audit
SEO Audit

Organic traffic optimization is often neglected in e-commerce, despite material opportunities to drive high-commercial intent traffic that converts. SEO is the long play, but maybe not as long as you think.

Marketing Data Warehouse
Marketing Data Warehouse

For serious advertisers looking to deeply understand their customer journey and attribution. A marketing data-mart enriches your raw session data with first party tracking, adds attribution modeling, and significantly enhances marketing spend visibility.

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Win on Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram are still king when it comes to paid acquisition for most e-commerce brands. We find that many of our clients come to us leaving significant revenue on the table in the form of optimization and scale.

We know all the best practices and ‘rules’ on Facebook to know when it’s time to break them, strategically. Creative, testing, statistical depth, navigating the learning-phase – these are just a few of the variables that we master.

From top-funnel audience building, prospecting, and retargeting journeys, we have a strong track-record of optimizing programs throughout the funnel.

e-commerce agency CRO

Conversion Rate is the Real King

Conversion rate optimization is still one of the most neglected aspects of e-commerce. Brands are ‘wingin it’ with website decision making instead of using data and customer insights to drive business decisions. We’ve seen this kill conversion rates over time while the C suite is asking the marketing team what happened.

Our mission is to help you stop guessing and start testing. Build the infrastructure and culture within your company to make better decisions via testing. Being able to learn, apply, and validate learnings across marketing – from paid media messaging to website PDPs – is one of the keys to building sales momentum.

From top-funnel audience building, prospecting, and retargeting journeys, we have a strong track-record of optimizing programs throughout the funnel.



"We hired Jesse to be our chief marketing consultant for all things digital and direct response. He helped shift our culture to a more measurement and testing focus while ramping up our D2C sales. His paid media campaigns and conversion-oriented landing pages delivered big wins for us during a very competitive market. Jesse was a strong mentor to our team and a pleasure to work with."

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