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We work with select law firms eager to grow their practice and improve their bottom-line. With over 15 years of experience, we have a consistent record of helping law firms win in the most competitive markets in the country.
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Spencer Seyb

Nick Gerson


“We’ve worked with a dozen marketing providers over the last few decades. Hiring Jesse & his team was one of the best decisions we made. They are the real deal when it comes to SEO & PPC for law firms. Cruise accidents & personal injury are very competitive in our markets, and they managed to perform exceptionally."

Spencer Seyb

Steven Bell

Managing Partner

“I run a massive criminal defense law firm in South Florida with offices over 4 counties.  To say that my team has the best SEO and marketing manager in Jesse is to totally understate his value to this business.  He is a godsend.  There for us always, reliable, trustworthy, and downright brilliant.  If you want to grow your company and if you are serious about your company in the slightest, please don’t give your money to anyone else.  Give Jesse your credit card info and let him run it every month. You will be glad you did.”

Spencer Seyb

James Tyner


"In 18 years of practice, nobody has come close to providing the level of results and service I have received from Jesse and SEM Growth. If you want the very best handling your marketing & lead generation, look no further."

Spencer Seyb

Thomas Weber


"Organic traffic is now one of our top channels for new clients thanks to Jesse and his team. We went from minimal SEO presence to ranking #1 for several criminal attorney keywords. Jesse is also a subject matter expert and provided sound guidance for our website, tracking, and all things digital marketing. Highly recommend for any law firm looking to improve their lead generation and overall digital marketing."

Spencer Seyb

Carter Spohn

Marketing Director

"I've been in the legal profession for over 30 years. When it comes to handling Google Ads PPC, Jesse and his team are the best that I have come across. They've done exceptionally well within our challenging & highly competitive vertical. Our ROI is exceptional and you can trust them to get done what you need. If you're looking for someone to manage PPC for your law firm, I wouldn't hesitate to partner with Jesse & his team."

Spencer Seyb

Spencer Seyb


"Jesse and his team are the SEO & PPC partner our firm was looking for. Responsive, pro-active, high-quality work, and ultimately they get results. We’re looking forward to growing with them for a long time and we highly recommend them to any law firm looking to improve their lead generation program."



Lead Generation

In the increasingly hyper-competitive search engine landscape, it takes a team of elite practitioners relentlessly focused on your return-on-investment to make these channels sustainable and worthy of your

The potential to dramatically alter your firm’s trajectory exists within search engine marketing, but without the right team investing your dollars, seizing this very lucrative opportunity may never be realized.

If you’re struggling to make Google work for you, it may not be the market but the marketers.

Stop Leaky Funnel

Stop Leaky Funnel

Focus on Conversion Rate

Many law firm web designers build nice-looking sites but neglect best practices that increase conversion rate. PPC & organic traffic is wasted without focusing on conversions.

If your Google Ads team, at minimum, is not leveraging heatmaps and recordings to optimize your website & landing pages for conversion, you’re not only missing revenue but opportunities to learn and compound improvements across all marketing activities.

Escape Restrictive Platforms

Escape Restrictive Platforms

100% Transparent

You deserve 24/7 visibility into all raw data, costs, and results from each campaign, including every call, email, and live chat you receive each day.

You’ll never be locked into a limiting platform that handcuffs you to their services and conceals your data. Not knowing what percent of your investment went into ad spend is archaic and, most of all, counterproductive.

win on Google

win on Google

Google Works for Most Law Firms

Law firms occasionally tell us, “we tried google, it didn’t work.” The real question is, were your campaigns managed by professionals? Did they track return-on-ad-spend across forms, chats, calls with statistical depth at the search term level? Did they leverage audience layers such as household income, demographics, and day-parting?.

Over the years, it has not been uncommon for us to inherit law firms with egregious waste and errors in their Google Ads account. Sadly, “digital marketing” has a low barrier to entry and is largely driven by sales.

If you want to win on Google, your best chance of success is to partner with an elite team of practitioners with proven experience winning in the most competitive markets.


Improve Your Marketing Funnel, Grow Your Law Firm

Google Ads
Google Ads

Pinpoint, strategic PPC campaigns generating cases in month 1

Local SEO
Local SEO

Organic traffic from the most lucrative keywords in your market

Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

Stop your leaky funnel & generate more cases quickly


Reach previous website visitors and boost conversions



"We worked with various agencies for years with average results. In a few months, we saw the most paid & organic leads and cases in the history of our practice. Jesse and his team’s work changed our business."


Law Firm Specialities



Helping Law Firms Win for Over 15 Years

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We know you have hundreds of “law firm marketing” agencies to choose from. We’re not your average churn-and-burn agency ran by salespeople that hand off your actual marketing to outsourced juniors that change companies every year. We’ve built and sold our own businesses. We know what it means to have a stake in the game, to invest your hard-earned dollars in advertising and growth. We’re genuinely elite practitioners with deep experience growing companies via marketing execution.

We’ve seen just about everything regarding law firm lead generation, which translates into a lot of money and time saved for your practice. Our clients call us their best-kept secret. Give us a call and see why we’re different.


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