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The age of "set it and forget" PPC campaigns is over for small businesses. The hyper-competitive SERP landscape has led to rising CPCs and made it increasingly challenging to make paid search engine marketing sustainable.

PPC is both an art and a science and to get the most out of this channel requires deep practitioner experience, a core understanding of your business, and full-funnel optimizations across both pre-click and post-click experiences.


Google Ads & Google Shopping is still one of the best marketing channels in the world. The potential to leverage this channel to grow revenue with a strong-return-on-investment is without question, but it’s also not promised and often not realized.

Pre-Click Optimization

Pre-Click Optimization

Automation isn’t the future, it’s the present, and this has dramatically changed how Google Ads campaigns should be structured, managed, and optimized. Still, effective automation isn’t as simple as flicking a switch.

Pre-click is foundational to any successful PPC campaign. Yet, in the age of AI Digital Marketing, many accounts are still using outdated “old-school” tactics that are less effective, leaving revenue on the table and wasting our budget.

The two most common issues we see are on opposite sides of the spectrum: overly “optimized’ accounts relying too much on manual, granular changes and poorly built out campaign structures (set it and forget it) that are incredibly inefficient and wasteful with your budget.

For example, single keyword ad groups (SKAG) are no longer effective (and should be retired) after Google rolled out keyword variants, yet many “top PPC agencies” are combining this with manual bid optimizations. This was effective paid search 5-10 years ago; it’s not effective today.

  • Account Structure
  • Keyword Research
  • Demographics & Audience Layering
  • Algorithmic Bidding
  • Conversion Configuration
  • Attribution Method
  • Ad Creative
  • A/B testing
  • Negative Keywords
Post-Click Optimization

Post-Click Optimization

Post-click is about optimizing everything that happens between the ad click and the conversion. With an average conversion rate of only 3% across all industries, 97% of traffic (and marketing budgets) is going to waste. Unfortunately, post-click optimization is the most neglected and/or poorly implemented of these two facets.

Post-click optimization starts with understanding your target audience and creating personalized landing pages that match the message of your ads. Too many companies are only deploying trial and error landing pages (at best), leaving millions on the table and losing an opportunity to learn what resonates most with your audience.

We believe the company that tests the fastest, wins. This is because the company that tests the fastest learns what their target market cares about and responds to. Chances are the opportunity to test, learn, and win in your market is still available. Implement a culture of testing before your competitors do!

  • Personalized landing pages
  • Mobile-first
  • Message match
  • Contrasting CTA button
  • Avoid cognitive overload
  • Test F-pattern or Z-pattern & white space
  • Heatmaps
  • User recordings
  • Proper A/B test
  • Always be testing!
High Performance PPC in an AI World

High Performance PPC in an AI World

Today, a high-performance PPC specialist is adept at understanding how & when to provide the right inputs and conditions to enable machine learning to be effective. The focus should be on thinking strategically and creatively to out-position competitors, take advantage of new opportunities, and learn faster via high-tempo a/b testing.

We build high-performance PPC campaigns that provide clients with the highest return possible. Your account is always spending, so we build 24/7 oversight and optimization into every campaign.


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