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Direct Response Customer Acquisition

How and where you reach your customer is more critical than ever. Buyers have changed. They live in an omni-device, omni-channel world. They do their own research and are bombarded by ads, emails, and information. Leveraging data, iterating quickly, and productizing learnings across channels are key to making customer acquisition work for your business.

Plan & Execute Throughout the "Funnel"

The marketing funnel isn't dead, but it has changed. It is still a way to describe prospects moving from awareness to becoming a customer. But now the marketing funnel needs to have more fluidity as most customer acquisition tactics live in multiple levels of the funnel. Tracking and attribution are important to be able to understand the customer journey.

  • Top Funnel / Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Conversion

  • Customer Relationship

  • Retention

  • TV, CTV, Facebook Audience Building, Youtube & Programmatic Video, Display, Radio, Contents Marketing, Experiential Search, TV, Podcast, Influencer

  • Paid Search, Paid Social, Organic/SEO, Content,
    Email Marketing, Webinar, Influencer

  • Remarketing, Direct, Paid Social, Organic/SEO, Email

  • How good is the customer’s first experience?
    are they referring you business?

  • Email and Remarketing are top retention
    channels. Churn, repeat purchase rate, LTV?

High-Performance Ads with 24/7 Management

We deliver high-performance media campaigns throughout the funnel, from TV to remarketing, that provide not just traffic, but the highest revenue per visitor possible. We have a track record nearly two decades long of identifying and engaging audiences that convert and consistently drive down CPAs.

We work before we work. Meaning, we understand your business, audience segments, analytics, creative, and conversion rate to ensure your campaigns are converting as strongly as possible. Your media is always spending, therefore we don’t work “normal hours”. We’re always monitoring, testing, and optimizing to make you more successful.

  • TV (Local, National, CTV)
  • Radio
  • Google Search
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Display
  • Native
customer acquisition

Paid Search – Google Ads

Facebook has certainly closed the gap with Google in the e-commerce space, but Google’s pay per click advertising is still the top channel for most lead generation and professional service companies.

With a rising cost-per-click and an ever-changing technological & competitive landscape, paid search can be a volatile channel that leads business owners and marketing executives to question its sustainability. Still, if executed by the right team of practitioners, Google Ads can be one of the most lucrative, game-changing channels for your business.

SEM Growth is a Certified Google Partner, working directly with Google to maximize return on investment for our clients.

Learn more about our paid search offering and how we have a 15+ year track record of delivering long-term wins for our clients.

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seo traffic

Search Engine Optimization

Too often organic traffic and SEO live in a ‘black box’ of “I know it’s there, I see my competitors there, but I’m afraid to touch it”.

98% of people searching on Google choose websites ranked on the first page of results. We get our clients there and keep them there. SEO is a long-term play and results rarely come overnight (like exercising), but the return-on-investment is extraordinary.

Contact us for a free SEO audit of your website. We’ll share insights about your domain rating versus your competitors and how likely you are to be able to rank for high commercial intent keywords that generate revenue while you sleep.

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Facebook traffic

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram have become one of the top channels for brand building & customer acquisition.

Facebook has developed possibly the single best cross-device attribution platform in existence, which means enhanced attribution for your marketing campaigns. Translation? It’s easier to tell if your ads are generating incremental revenue.

FB & IG can single-handedly scale (transform) your business quickly. We’ve been behind several of these transformations – building media programs from scratch: testing audiences, finding ROAS and scaling to exit and beyond.

If you’re having trouble finding return-on-ad spend or scaling on Facebook, reach out. Our media team will conduct a deep audit of your campaigns, creative, placements, and demos and identify opportunities.

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customer lifetime value

CAC, LTV, and PBP – Knowing Your Numbers

Understanding your numbers is critical to successful customer acquisition. In particular, knowing your customer lifetime value (LTV) and your payback period (PBP) is key to discerning if your campaigns are hitting the right customer acquisition cost (CAC). A faster payback period means more profit cycles in a shorter time period.

Customer segmentation to identify profitable audiences and cohort analysis to understand improvements over time can help dial in your customer lifetime value.

If you’re a young company and you don’t have months or years of data to calculate CAC, get in touch. We have a formula for helping young companies project LTV for honing in their CAC targets.


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Level Up Your Traffic Acquisition

Anyone can deliver traffic. Some can generate leads. We focus on maximizing your revenue per visitor via a proven direct response optimization process that gets results, fast. If you're questioning the sustainability of your traffic acquisition efforts or struggling to scale, get in touch.

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